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Hello mindful mama!

Welcome to my little space for all things yoga, mindfulness and motherhood.

Here you will find the opportunity and encouragement to connect with your body, breath and baby, and a beautiful community of fellow yoga mamas.

Specialising in yoga for mothers (including prenatal and postnatal yoga), mindfulness for motherhood, soulful mother circles and restorative retreats.

I am here to support and nurture you on along your motherhood journey.

With love & gratitude

Linda x
Yoga Teacher, Postnatal Doula & Homeschool Mama

Summer Holidays 2020/21

I am on holidays until the beginning of February 2021.

I will be spending the next couple of months revelling in the freedom and joy of summer while dreaming up some beautiful new offerings for 2021.

Please contact me if you would like to be informed when my 2021 schedule has been finalised.

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